FastLane and doo enable guest management from a single source. The onsite professional FastLane and the event management platform doo combine the best of both worlds in one offer.

The German premiere of Facial Recognition took place in the beautiful premises of the International Club in Berlin as part of the ITB MICE Night.

The leading event technology platform EventMobi and FastLane with the fastest full-colour live badging in the world, announce their joint partnership. Together, the providers offer event planners all the tools they need for a successful event and interactive contact and dialogue with their participants - all from a single source!

Together with the VDVO, FastLane will present the biometric access system for the first time in Germany at the ITB MICE Night on 8 March 2018 in Berlin.

The event year 2018 has officially started. At BOE 2018, both as an exhibitor and as a registration partner, we had many interesting discussions, acquired great projects and presented the registration with facial recognition at our stand for the first time in Germany on the topic of event security. Read more in the blog...

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