Medical - Educational Events

Driving events with employees, journalists or customers place special demands on the attendee management of an event, as it is usually a matter of leaving the attendees with their own high-quality, brand-new product for testing on the road and in the field.


DRIVE is: comprehensive, convenient and secure - By combining the CAR and GPS modules, all information is brought together and can therefore be called up clearly and live at any time. An easy-to-use iPad module can also be used to provide attendees with the complete roadbook and further information on the event.


The DRIVE software provides complete documentation of the vehicle issue at automotive events. With an online connection, the vehicle issue and return can be followed live from any location. With the help of GPS-controlled vehicle tracking, the organizer can track all issued vehicles live on a map on any terminal device.


The output of the name badges - perhaps with the imprint of sponsors or partners - can take place "just in time" on site. Otherwise, we can also pre-produce name badges for you. However, this is only recommended up to a number of approx. 100 attendees.
If the number of visitors exceeds 100, we recommend the "just in time" variant, because the badge is printed and can be handed over within only 8 seconds after the invitation / ticket has been scanned.
In case of doubt, searching from 1 to 100 takes much longer!