Cashless Payment

Since 2017, companies in Germany have had to comply with the GoBD, so they have to use a digital or electronic cash register system in the gastronomy or catering sector. Data, turnover, cash receipts and business transactions of a cash register must be recorded completely and unchangeably. All cash transactions must therefore be individually, completely, correctly, timely and orderly secured and stored for 10 years.

Sounds time-consuming and tedious?
With the Cashless Payment System you can now settle and comfortably record your sales turnover with your guests at festivals, concerts and fairs without cash. This is implemented via RFID badges or RFID wristbands.
This enables you to achieve time-saving and accurate data collection and optimise your costs. Theft protection and manipulation by employees/suppliers is largely excluded.
By integrating the recharge module, for example in the online registration, guests can recharge their RFID tickets with money in advance and pay cashlessly at all stations on site. Unused credit will be rebooked after the event. Due to the convenient processing for the participant on site, an increase in turnover of 15-30% is possible.

The system does not require any infrastructure such as W-LAN and is therefore fail-safe and the data is encrypted at all times.