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Guest management at events is a central and conceptual area of event management. Here are some pitfalls waiting for the planner. Starting with questions such as: Which platform do I use to address the guests? How should they register? How can I export the data to use it on site? And of course the choice of the right attendee management on site.

A registration process on site tailored to the needs of the event and the choice of the right online or CRM provider is essential. A professional online registration platform also makes on-site service easier for you. There is no need for time-consuming excel list management because your data can be used seamlessly before and after the event for personalised services such as registration, access management, the use of apps and event evaluation.

We offer all services for professional guest management:

  • Full-Colour-Live Badging
  • Badge2Go
  • Access Management
  • Face ID
  • Apps
  • Medical Events
  • Automotive Events
  • Crew Navi
  • Cashless Payment
  • Seating