Medical - Educational Events

Our service module "electronic certification processing" is designed for all medical or educational event areas in which participation in events, seminars or workshops must be reliably checked, controlled and documented.
With over 18 years of experience in pharmaceutical and educational events, our Medical Package is the perfect extension for onsite registration.

The Medical Package covers all areas of electronic certification registration:

  • Transfer of certification data per event number (VNR)
  • One-time electronic capture of the EFN barcode at the registration counter or separate certification desk
  • No signature list is created - only digital signatures are recorded.
  • The EFN barcode is captured only once - regardless of the number of VNRs and the duration of the event.
  • Electronic attendance recording at the event entrance and / or workshop room
  • Automatic generation of personal attendance certificates based on the electronic attendance check
  • Provision of personal certificates of participation as printable PDF files or as print-outs ready for dispatch
  • Creation of evaluation documents (Excel list and printed list)
  • Creation of the XML file for electronic notification of presence with the EFN barcode to the medical association
  • Transfer of the registration file to the EIV server of the Medical Association