Data integration

Seamless data flow from beginning to end

Data integration in guest management at FastLane means more than just importing Excel lists - of course this is also possible - but data integration at FastLane is more than that: it is the logical further development of digitalisation in guest and information management.  

Together with our partners, we pursue the idea that future guest and information management solutions can only be provided to visitors efficiently and in a personalized manner via central data management of all guest data and services - the Hybrid EventCloud.
All event interaction and information channels from online and on-site participant management, the event apps, the website and social media are supplied with personal data, content and interactions via a central service and controlled via this system.

Is your preferred online service provider already listed?
With your preferred service provider in the area of online guest management and registration, CRM or app providers, you work seamlessly throughout the entire event cycle - even during the event - creating new registrations, maintaining content, booking and managing the guest data. At the same time, you receive a highly professional on-site service for all events with a large number of modules and the fastest full-color live badging, which is automatically linked to your provider.
We would be happy to advise you on the integration of your provider.