Interactive, innovative and informed at all times

Apps are an important component at events, e.g. for increasing the engagement of the attendees, for networking or to have fast and comfortable information on demand.

As diverse as the event itself, so diverse are the areas of application of event apps.
From classic apps, which help to inform guests, to lead apps for exhibitors at trade fairs, to the management of your employees, you can map everything digitally:

Event apps

Actively integrate attendees!
Many attendees would certainly rather forget their ticket to the event than their mobile phone at home. We are digital and the mobile phone has become a constant companion. Why not rely on the digital medium App and give information to the attendees in a convenient and compact way.
Event planners benefit from the flexibility of an app. If the program has already been printed or  the information has already been compiled, it is not uncommon for changes to be made. Then it's time: Everything from the beginning! That doesn't happen with an app. Changes can also be made at the event at any time. This saves costs, personnel and time.
What can an app do:

  • Information management
  • Individual workshop bookings
  • Personal Agenda
  • Push notifications for short-term changes
  • location plan
  • Live Votings
  • Speakers Information
  • Download Center
  • Interactive question function
  • feedback
  • gamification

lead app
Bye bye business cards....

With our B2B-Lead App you collect all your contacts conveniently with your own mobile device.
By scanning the QR code on the name tag of your conversation partner, the contact data stored there is transferred to the app. The data from your app account is sent to you via an Excel list for quick and easy entry into your CRM system.
This allows you to offer your exhibitors a special added value and thus achieve a higher return on your event costs.

Crew Navi

Everything together!
Equip the entire team with information on demand? With CrewNavi you can manage all event-specific content such as schedules, organizational matters, etc. on your smartphone and share it with all event teams.

Learn more about CrewNavi here!