Biometric access control - German premiere at ITB MICE Night

Facial Recognition marks the beginning of a new era in access control at events. The Verband der Veranstaltungsorganisatoren e.V. (association of event organizers) presents this technology for the first time in Germany at the ITB MICE NIGHT on 8 March 2018 at the International Club Berlin. Registration is possible at

(VDVO, Berlin, 06.02.2018) Social media platforms have been using Facial Recognition for some time. Facebook, for example, for photo tag suggestions and SnapChat uses this technology for face filters. Not only the social media are using this new technology, but airlines such as China Southern or Finnair are also starting to use this technology for faster check-in, among other things.


The MICE industry has also begun to adapt this technology to their needs and so visitors of the ITB MICE NIGHT on 8 March 2018 at the International Club Berlin can try out the registration via Facial Recognition live for the first time. The technology is provided by FastLane GmbH powered by Zenus.
FastLane GmbH is an innovative, experienced guest management provider in the areas of live badging, access management and event apps.

"We are now known for being way ahead of the times with the topics and technical innovations that we present at our ITB events," says Bernd Fritzges, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Event Organisers."I am delighted that we are once again taking on this pioneering role this year and with the German premiere of Facial Recognition we are presenting event planners with a technology that will revolutionize the future of access management at events.


And this is how it works

Anyone who registers for the ITB MICE NIGHT at can upload a photo of themselves during registration. The photo can be a LinkedIn profile photo, a passport photo or even a good selfie. The software captures the biometric data of the photo and stores it as a biometric profile. As soon as the guest is at the registration desk at ITB MICE NIGHT, the camera captures his face and compares the biometric points with the stored biometric profiles. If the adjustment is correct, the guest receives his badge quickly and conveniently printed out.


And these are the advantages

For event planners, the check-in of participants is one of the most labor- and time-intensive processes. In addition, the administration of the registration and check-in process on site is usually the biggest weakness during an event. Facial Recognition speeds up the check-in process and ensures that only registered participants can attend the event. In addition, Facial Recognition adds an additional level of security to the event.
Participants do not need to print out a registration confirmation, which in the worst case can be left in the office. There is no need to queue, because Facial Recognition is the fastest and simplest check-in solution.
The organizer has a complete overview of guest flow and attendance at all times through live bathing and admission registration and control by FastLane GmbH.


And what about security and privacy?

"Facial Recognition is an important and innovative contribution to increasing event security. Facial Recognition offers general meetings and events with highly sensitive topics in the future a higher security feature and an accelerated registration process on site," says Sarah Schiffer-Adam, Senior Project Manager of FastLane GmbH "we are pleased to be able to use this tool as Germany's first pilot project at the ITB MICE Night". Sarah Schiffer is reassured about the question of data protection: "The photos will of course be deleted after the event and will not be saved or reused.

About the Verband der Veranstaltungsorganisatoren e.V.

The Verband der Veranstaltungsorganisatoren e.V (VDVO) is the largest industry association for decision-makers and executives in the event industry. A goal of the federation work is the effective support of meeting planners, the switching of innovative knowledge and experiences as well as the cross-linking of people and ideas. Its members include event planners from DAX corporations, medium-sized companies, event managers from agencies and representatives of service providers.