Facial Recognition, the german premiere - A great success

What has been used by international airlines or in the social media sector for some time has now also arrived in the event sector - registration using biometric face capture.

The technology was already in live use internationally, the baptism of fire in Germany now officially took place on 8 March 2018 at the ITB MICE Night at the International Club Berlin. Together with the Verband der Veranstaltungsorganisatoren e.V. the guests of the MICE Night were invited to become part of the pilot project.

For the first time German event planners could convince themselves of the advantages of Facial Recognition. More than 50 participants uploaded their picture in advance. The photo was measured biometrically and the guest's face was compared with the stored biometric profile on arrival at MICE Night and the badge printed out immediately.
Just smile into the camera - no searching for pick-up tickets or access tickets!


The advantages of this technology are obvious:

  • Fast and secure registration
  • Simplification of login and registration processes
  • Increased security through clear identification features
  • Additional registration comfort for the participant (no more printing of documents necessary)
  • No queuing for guests - Facial Recognition is the fastest registration method

A video of the technology in use can be found here