Would you like something more?

The kiosk modules can be adapted according to requirements and event needs. We have a number of additional features to make your onsite experience more enjoyable for your guests.

Our features reaches from brandings, extra panels to different printers up to RFID and NFC technology.
Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you about the possibilities!


Additional Badge Versions

The badges are available in different sizes for different requirements. All badge variants offer the following features:

  • Full-color live printing of different layouts, depending on the type of person (speaker, VIP, visitor, employee, etc.)
  • No preprinted badge layout necessary
  • Use of barcode, QR code, NfC, RfiD, photo badges
  • Sustainable via paper version as well as printing and billing of the actually required badges
  • Badge advertising for target group-oriented marketing depending on the type of person
  • Punched holes for 3 mounting types

Additional printers

All kiosks can be expanded with additional printers. Additional documents such as certificates, wristbands, e.g. as vouchers for catering, additional documents, invoices, etc. can be handed out here at the same time as the badge print. The kiosk holds up to 4 additional printers.

Kiosk Branding

The kiosks can be designed in the event CI. Here all elements of the kiosk (front, back and sides) can be designed differently.
The panels can be used to coordinate visitor flows similar to the displays, to draw attention to workshops, to sell advertising space or as a preview of similar events.
Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you on the design.

Front Desk / Branding

The front desk cladding gives you the opportunity to address your guests personally. On the one hand, information material or welcome bags can be handed out here, on the other hand this desk serves as info counter, contact point during the event for your guests and of course registration and issue of badges, documents and programmes.
The front desks can be completely designed in the Event CI or used as advertising space for sponsors.


The display at the kiosks is available as a light signal or display board. The light signal is usually used at major events to indicate when there are problems at the kiosk, the kiosk is closed or open or streams of visitors have to be coordinated.
This coordination can also take place by attaching display panels to the kiosks, e.g. "registered only" or "new registrations".


RFID or NFC technology opens up many new functions for your guests. On the one hand, RFID badges enable secure entry and on the other hand, this badge can be used for personalized services at the event, such as calling up information at terminals, registering at stands or checking in and out for workshops.
We would be happy to tell you how you can integrate the technology meaningfully into your event concept in a consultancy meeting.